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Discover the special origins of massage

Do you know what is "special" behind the mysterious black hot stones? Let's find out with charm spa!

More than 2,000 years ago in India and China, people knew how to use hot stones to apply on painful areas on the body to relieve fatigue. This type of massage stone is taken from volcanic lava, has the ability to retain heat well, radiates high energy and has a "double" effect on both physical and mental health in therapy such as: Hot stone acts on the body. Human body in the form of micro-waves immediately reduces body aches and pains.

The hot heat of the stone enhances blood circulation, stimulates relaxation to help the body excrete toxins, reduce fat, and smooth skin. In science, hot stones have "magical" effects for depression, insomnia, anti-stress and emotional balance.

Experience the hot stone massage with Charm Spa and feel the freshness and lightness of the body.

hotstone massage

Hot stone massage

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herbal foot bath

herbal eye bags

Snack after the treatment.

charm spa grand nha trang

Charm spa grand Nha Trang

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